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Companies across the regions, which have been idle for many years, are starting active work due to the new approach to the issues of state property privatization. One of such firms is Guba-based Shahdag Hotel.

Activities of manufacturing companies in the regions are being revitalized and the share of the private sector in the national economy is growing from day to day in compliance with Order #1003 dated July 19, 2016 “On Some Measures to Speed ​​Up the Privatization of State Property and Increase Efficiency of its Management” signed by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and the strategic roadmaps for development of the main sectors of the national economy.

The taken measures are boosting the social and economic development of the regions, new jobs are being created. Successful implementation of investment programs has enabled previously inactive firms and facilities to start manufacturing of competitive products and provide high-quality services.

The local company A & J Lifting Limited Liability Company (LLC) has won the investment tender for sale of Shahdag Hotel’s shares. According to the investment program submitted by the winner of the tender, the company plans to invest into the firm $1,513,000 within 2 years. A new building of the hotel will be constructed according to the modern standards and put into operation at the location of the old building of the hotel.

According to the program, there will be one-room, two-room and three-room suites in the hotel, as well as bars for 150-200 seats, a restaurant for 800 seats and a conference hall for 1,000 seats. At the same time, the infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, and sewerage) was renovated. Air conditioning and heating systems were purchased and installed. The hotel building was furnished and supplied with inventory. The hotel territory was landscaped, equipped with services and utilities.

The construction work has entered its final stage. Tourists having a rest on the terrace (attic), where opens a beautiful view of the city, will be able to enjoy sky observing with telescopes.

Favourable conditions for doing business have been created in the country to make these aspirations a reality. We can say for sure that the state pays special attention to the development of tourism in the country. At the same time, the development of tourism fosters the growth of the country's economy and improves the welfare of people.

According to the investment program, 140 new jobs are expected to be opened at Shahdag Hotel in Guba.

The new building with brand-new equipment consists of two parts connected to each other in a cross-section. There are five floors and a terrace (attic). Commissioning of Shahdag Guba Hotel & Spa in the near future will make a positive contribution to the development of tourism in the region.


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